A Consideration of Brexit.

Dunkirk 2.0

Brexit has been compared to Dunkirk, largely by the Pro-Brexit lobby in terms of British endeavor and patriotism.  They seem to forget that we got our arse kicked at Dunkirk and the only victory was that we didn’t get it kicked as badly as we might have done.

So how does Brexit compare, and what stage of the incident have we reached?

The position is that we have our men on the beaches with the German army ready to roll over them.  Hitler is inviting us to surrender.  The government has run out of options.

As a parallel I think it works remarkably well.  We are about to get creamed (No deal). We’ve been invited to surrender (May’s deal). And the government has run out of options…

What next then?  What did we do last time and what can we learn from it in order to not make the same mistakes?

After the ordinary people stepped up with their flotilla of little ships, we pulled right out of Europe, re-grouped then went back in and sorted them out.

We had one hell of a fight to get back into Europe and we could not have done it without the help from America and others.  That time, we had no choice: we had to come right out and go back in.

This time we have a choice.  Our men are still on the beaches in full retreat, but this time we have a magic bullet: by revoking article 50, we can go back in at full strength and save Europe from itself again.



Where has all the Reason Gone?

We are facing huge crises in this country: a small group of radicals are wreaking havoc and destruction in pursuit of mindless ideology without much targeting and scarce thought for the consequences: innocent people have died.

The formal and official response to this is threatening to hit back with more destruction and little more targeting: quite likely more people will die if the threats are carried out.

So which strikes am I talking about? The air strikes against ISIS or the Doctor’s Strike?

As it happens, both: they are to my mind mirrors of each other. They are both desperate and serious problems, they are both symptoms of a much wider breakdown, and they are both being dealt with in accordance with the Standard Book of Idiot Responses: with strikes.

The answer to ISIS would be simple, if only God would come out and speak his mind, but I know of no means by which to persuade him to do so.

But God is not the relevant body in respect of the problems with the NHS. We may all be ultimately answerable to him, but we are first and foremost answerable to one another and both sides of the NHS dispute are at least supposed to be answerable to the public.

But how can they be answerable if nobody is asking the questions?

In fact, the government have been asking questions… very quietly and then they stuck their fingers in their ears. Or in real terms, they held a public consultation, didn’t tell anybody and then offered a full mailbox to send the responses to.

So why aren’t the NHS asking the questions?

Is the NHS not directly connected to almost every citizen in the country?
Or do the GP’s side with the government on this?

I cannot believe they do, so why don’t the GP’s simply ask their patients to come together and tell the government what they think?
Let us see who has the better mandate…

The Conservative Government decided to take on the NHS and the people who support it: why is this even a contest?